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Roles in Chungnam National Innovation Cluster
Vision Global Innovation Cluster forHydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle and Hydrogen-Based Industry
Objective Stage 1 (2018~2020) Stage 1.5 (2021~2022) Stage 2 (2023~ )
Expansion of the supply basis for FCEV parts and hydrogen Create a complete hydrogen industry ecosystem by promoting demonstration Transition to the hydrogen economy by expanding hydrogen-based infrastructure
Development direction
  • Create a complete hydrogen industry ecosystem in the Chungnam region by advancing hydrogen fuel cell vehicle parts production and establishing a stable hydrogen supply system.
  • Maximize synergic effect by promoting commercialization demonstration projects through cooperation between the National Innovation Cluster, the existing project, and the projects of other departments.
  • Establishment of a hydrogen town where the cycle of securing stable production, supply, storage, and utilization of hydrogen energy works effectively.