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Chungnam Techno Park, a technology-based company supporting organizations with the purpose of technological advancement. Chungnam Techno Park

Chungnam Techno Park is a supporting organization founded in 1999 for the purpose of technological advancement of SMEs in the Chungnam region through technological innovation.
As one of the most successful techno parks among 18 techno parks in Korea, Chungnam Techno Park is equipped with facilities for technical & services support, and promising SME incubation.

  • Established in January 1999
  • AreaFostering local industries such as display, hydrogen economy, material, parts and equipment.
  • Address136, Jiksan-ro, Jiksan-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea
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  • Mission

    Position the CTP as a vital hub of industrial and technological
    innovation to create a Powerful Chungchungnam-do

  • Vision

    A partner promoting companies innovative growth for Smart Chungnam.
    Secure the corporate and industrial development dynamics by advancing corporate
    growth based on industrial technology

  • Management Objectives

    Foster local industries and leading companies
    Enhance networks for technology expansion
    Establish an innovative management system

  • Strategies and tasks
  • Strategies Foster Innovative Industries based on Chungnam’s business practices
    1. Strengthen the plans to foster major industries and leading companies in Chungcheongnam-do
    2. Establish the policies to develop new fundamental industries for balanced regional development approaches
    3. Foster the transformative industries to establish Chungchungnam-do as a Carbon-Neutral Economy Specialized District

    Advance Corporate SupportSystems to Drive Industry and Technology
    4. Expand corporate support businesses based on local-led new industries
    5. Advance corporate support systems for specialized regions according to growth phase
    6. Create quality jobs and strengthen corporate competitiveness

    Enhance the Innovation Networks Centered on Industry-Academic Research
    7. Enhance the function of the vital hub to achieve technological innovation networkss
    8. Utilize a data platform focused on innovation support

    Innovative Management based on Responsibility and Credibility
    9. Promote credible management through transparency, publicity, and efficiency
    10. Pursue ESG and strengthens job expertise
    11. Create an "Organizational Environment to Engage each other " with open-minded communication

Role in Chungnam National Innovation Cluster
  • Oversee the practical works carried out by the National Innovation Cluster.
  • Provide companies with customized business support for new technology development, product commercialization.
  • Operate innovation network

Organizational Chart to Promote National Innovation Cluster