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A research institute specializing in technology development in the automotive industry and in the field of mobility. Korea Automotive Technology Institute

As one of the best research institutes in the Korean automotive industry, the Korea Automotive Technology Institute was established by joint efforts from the government and companies to secure self-sufficiency in the Korean auto industry and to foster the industry. The institute provides various supports such as R&D, test certification, education and providing information

  • Established in1990
  • AreaTechnology development in the field of mobility in the automotive industry.
  • Address303, Pungse-ro, Pungse-myeon, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea
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Main Research Areas
  • 01

    Autonomous Driving Technology

    • Autonomous Driving component
    • Autonomous Driving System
    • ICT, AI, and Big Data Integration
  • 02

    AI Mobility Technology

    • AI Big Data
    • AI Semiconductors
    • AI sensors
  • 03

    Green Automotive Technology

    • Electric Powertrain & Power Conversion
    • Power Flow Control
    • Hydrogen Fuel Cell system
    • Convergence Power Generation
    • Fuel Efficiency & Emission Evaluation
  • 04

    Convergence System Technology

    • Driving Safety Control
    • Smart Chassis
    • High-Efficiency Energy Control
  • 05

    Cutting-Edge Materials Technology

    • Source technology on new materials
    • Ultra-lightweight, high performance, green material technology
    • Convergence material technology for future vehicles
  • 06

    Reliability Enhancement Technology

    • Reliability & Safety Enhancement
    • Electromagnetic Waves
    • Durability Enhancement
Role within Chungnam National Innovation Cluster
  • Discover international joint research : KATECH supports domestic companies to carry out international joint technology development projects by discovering R&D demand from the companies and matching them with overseas partners.
  • Support for system improvement : Propose hydrogen industry related system improvement such as preemptive regulatory modification to develop hydrogen industry in Chungnam Area by demand survey and information collection using experts and companies.