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Commercializing and high value-added supporting projects
  • Details of the project: Support companies in the National Innovation Cluster for their international cooperation and commercialization
Program Details
Prototyping Provide support for outsourcing, mold making etc. including cost for prototyping and mock-up production for commercialization.
Assessment analysis and certification support Support domestic and foreign certification, and test analysis to secure reliability, technological competitiveness on hydrogen-electric vehicles and hydrogen-related technologies and services.
Support for Patent Support registration and research/analysis application on domestic and foreign patent designs for hydrogen related technologies and services.
Support for product planning Support new product planning to enter hydrogen industry technology and service markets (item discovery, solution development, market & industry analysis, prior technology analysis, marketing & business viability analysis)
Consulting and technical guidance service Support establishing strategies (consulting) on specific areas such as new technology, production, quality, service, and marketing to strengthen technology and service capability in the hydrogen industry.
Design Provide design management consulting and related product brand upgrades service such as design diagnosis, direction suggestion.
Marketing Support creating catalogs and homepages for product and service promotion and marketing domestically and internationally.
Domestic and international exhibitions Support companies to participate in promising domestic and international hydrogen industry-related exhibitions to create, secure and revitalize markets.
Business support management process
Support for companies' competitiveness
  • Support for R&D projects pre-planning to invigorate Chungnam National Innovation Cluster (Convergence Complex) and foster the relevant companies in Chungnam region
    - Organizing and operating institutions to strengthen planning capabilities to discover outstanding tasks
  • Description: Finding excellent preliminary projects through support for strengthening planning capabilities (e.g. project planning process optimization and visualizing & simulating the results of plans, etc.)
  • Support fields: potential projects to develop hydrogen vehicle components and foster hydrogen-based industry (including technology R&D, etc.)
  • Create a cyclical ecosystem encompassing core parts and mass production of hydrogen electric vehicles through the supply process including production, storage, distribution of hydrogen and charging station system.
Hydrogen electrical vehicle components Hydrogen based industry
Core components for hydrogen electric vehicles (stacks, operating devices, electrical components, fuel storage systems, etc) related technology fields Production, storage, distribution, charging, supply of hydrogen and safety manual related business fields
Business support management process